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This exam is prepared in three years. It is not an end in itself, but is generally followed by the preparation of « BTS » (Certificate of Higher Technician) Hotel Trade and Restaurant Business.
As early as the technical 5th form (seconde) a specific language teaching can be planned to prepare the « A levels European option »


It takes place after the secondary school 4th form (3ème) following the AFFELNET procedure offered in the school of origin. (for further information, contact the school head teacher or the school administration department)

To get information about their future career, the pupils interested in the hotel trade and restaurant business can :
-Attend the special open workshops organised at the high school by the teaching staff and the students,
-Apply for a mini training period at Lycée Paul Augier, through the school administration,
-Discover the hotel trade jobs thanks to the different visits and talks.
Includes general subjects all targetting hotel trade, and professional teaching in the following three fields : Cooking, Food service and Housekeeping management.
At the end of the lower 6th form (Première) the pupils will take the French subject examination (a written and oral part) which will be taken into account for the « A Levels » at the end of the upper 6th form (Terminale).


-At the end of the 5th form (Seconde) : an 8 week period as a waiter/waitress in July and August,
-At the end of the lower 6th form (Premiere) an 8 week period as a cook in July and August,
-At the end of the Upper 6th form (Terminale) : no training period.
The teaching staff will be in charge of the choice of the establishment according to the personality of the pupil and the characteristics of the establishment.
The training period is a practical experience aiming at developing the skills acquired at school.

SUBJECTS : per week 5th form (2nde) Lower 6th form (1ère) Upper 6th form (Term)
French 3h 3h  
 Philosophy      2h
 Hist/Geo  3h  2h  2h
 Modern Language A
3h  3h  3h
Modern Language B
(Spanish, Italian,German)
3h 3h 3h
Maths 3h 3h 3h
General and Tourism Eco
+ Law
2h 2h 2h
Hotel Management    4h  4h
Applied Science and Techno 2h 2h 2h
Technology and cooking 5.5h 4.5h 4.5h
Food service
and marketing
3h 3h 3h
Reception techniques
And professional communication
3h 3h 3h
Physical Education 2h 2h 2h



First part at the end of the lower 6th form (1ere) with the French exam (written + spoken)

Second part at the end of the upper 6th form (Terminale) with the other upper 6th form subjects 

The combination of the two parts results in the A levels (Baccalauréat)

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